Cottage 8 Films




Because two heads are definitely better than one, we are commending the new joint effort from creative director/curator Cory Jacobs and photographer Jason Schmidt. Going by the name Cottage Eight Films, Jacobs and Schmidt have come together to produce a series of short films that communicate the feeling of travel. To do so, the couple take a holistic view when documenting a hotel; capturing details of the property, its geography and its surrounding community in order to fully convey what a visit might have in store.

‘We were searching for a great hotel for a long weekend to mark a big birthday,’ remembers Jacobs, who was previously artistic director and curator of the Gallery at Hermès in New York and staged 12 exhibitions during her tenure there. ‘I couldn’t tell what I was going to get exactly. The still images on the websites don’t do a great job of communicating what it was going to feel like if you [visited].’

After eventually deciding on Amangani in Jackson, Wyoming, the enterprising couple brought along their camera equipment to shoot anecdotes during their stay. Their first film, which can be seen above, showcases a seamless stylistic marriage between the two – a good thing, seeing that they are also partners in life since getting together after a U2 cover shoot in 2001.

‘Our approach is to create short, evocative films that communicate a strong sense of place,’ Jacobs reiterates. ‘As two people who are quite obsessed with travel, the films reflect our experience of a property.’

Armed with Jacobs’ editorial eye, and viewed through the lens of Schmidt, an established interiors and architecture photographer who also shot a memorable Peter Marino story for us in September 2013 (W*174), Cottage Eight films are eloquent odes to a place that easily transport viewers far away. Their second film is set in Los Poblanos ranch in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and their third (in Bali) was recently completed.