Cottage 8 Films




Cottage Eight Films make evocative, short films that communicate a strong sense of place.

Drawing on years of both editorial and commercial experience, we understand how to tell visual stories with an editorial viewpoint while staying true to—and distilling—a brand’s core identity.

Cory Jacobs
Creative Director & Director

Cory has worked in the photography world as a photo editor, curator and creative director. She has worked at Interview, Spin and New York, among others and as a curator for La Fondation d’entreprise Hermès organizing exhibitions with contemporary photographers. She also oversees a corporate curation project for Hermès creating video content in collaboration with artists. Other clients have included Apple, The Ritz-Carlton and Vogue. She is now really interested in moving pictures.

Jason Schmidt
Photographer & Director

Jason is a photographer and director who specializes in portraits of artists and cultural figures, architecture, interiors and travel. Artists and Artists II (Steidl) were published 2007 and 2015. His work has been exhibited at Deitch Projects, New York; The Margulies Collection, Miami; and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. He has worked commercially for American Express, Comcast, J.Crew, The Four Seasons and Microsoft among others. He has directed shorts for Cadillac, T Magazine, Vogue, W and Wallpaper*.